Join TOYP Academy to have unforgettable experiences with JCI Istanbul

The TOYP Academy’s objective is to share the accumulated knowledge of JCI Istanbul’s 26 years of experience of the programme with other countries. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about the structure of TOYP, share ideas and find out more about the history and future of the programme.

TOYP Categories

TOYP competition is a special program that succesful young people between yhe ages of 18-40 can apply to. You may see the TOYP competition categories as follows:

Cultural achievement

Personal improvement and/or accomplishment

Business, economic, and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment

Contribution to children, world peace, and/or human rights

Political, legal, and/or governmental affairs

Humanitarian and/or voluntary leadership

Medical innovation

Moral and/or environmental leadership

Academic leadership and/or accomplishment

Scientific and/or technological development

What ıs TOYP Academy?

TOYP Academy is a training section that provides kow-how transfer to the JCI local chapters who are willing to organise the TOYP event in their organization.

TOYP Academy 2022

On behalf of JCI Turkey, our experienced TOYP organizer chapter JCI Istanbul will organize TOYP Academy in two section this year to make it more interactive. The first part of the training will include tasks to be completed through website. Until these tasks completed, people will not be able to continue with the second section.

In the second part, training will be given on project management and modelling via Zoom, and game-based training will be organized to form a model TOYP organization by establishing groups. The second part will be a section that will have practical applications other than teaching a classical lecture topic.

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Join TOYP Academy to have unforgettable experiences with JCI Istanbul


With TOYP Academy, JCI Istanbul aims to build up an environment for an efficient know-how transfer and sharing opportunities not only on the administrative structure but also on the vision and enthusiasm of TOYP among the national TOYP directors of all NOMs planning to organize a TOYP.